Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woodland Shoes History

Woodland. A name which all of us trust for its quality, durability and style.

This blog will focus on How Woodland Became a Famous Brand.

In 1992 Russia was divided into various socialist states and one big country was converted into various socialist ststes and named USSR. Now this we all know. But what we do not know is that this let to the foundation of Woodland shoes and the brand itself.

Aero Club the award winning export house from Delhi suffered heavy loss due to this division of Russia as its major exports was into Russia and hence not only it lost business but also was left with heavy inventory of shoes which was made for exports. The inventory included of leather casual shoes and industrial boots.

The chairman of Aero Club Mr Avtar Singh decided to launch some of the styles lying in the inventory in the Indian market to see what kind of response is received.

Among these shoes there was one shoe which made the brand woodland. Many of us reading this blog about woodland shoes must have even worn that shoe sometime in their lifetime.

The shoe was made of very thick buff leather and even had leather laces. The sole was made of hard rubber. The upper of the shoe was hand made and hand stitched. In short this was a shoe which could last seasons without any trouble at all.

After lots of brain storming sessions these shoes were launched with the brand name Woodland. Initially it was launched in only 2-3 selective stores in New Delhi at south extention-2 and CP inner circle which were owned by Aero club. However, lots of big and small shoe stores in Delhi were given some stock for selling on commission basis.

Since then Aero Club never looked back. Customers went crazy for the hand stitched leather shoe and its demand increased from every where. This shoe had a style number G-0092 as it was the year 1992 and ‘G’ stood for gents. Though Aero Club had lots of inventory of this shoe which they initially made for exports but Mr Avatar Singh being a futuristic businessmen did foresee the demand for the shoe and asked the shoe to be made in 5 different colors which were khaki, black, olive, camel and a mixed color including combination of these colors.

This rocked the shoe market and word of mouth spread and so did the name Woodland. The best part about these shoes was that they were hand made, hand stitched, very stylish which could be worn with trousers, denims or cargo trousers and shorts. Though, the factor which helped most in making these woodland shoes famous was the shoes durability. Customers who bought these shoes wear them for 5-6 years and nothing could wear them off, specially the G-0092 one. This increased the brand loyalty of Woodland Shoes.

At that time in early 1990's not too many shoes brands were their in the Indian market apart from Bata and this situation of lack of competition also favored the growth of Woodland shoes.

Once the people became aware of Woodland Mr Avatar Singh sensed another opportunity in the Indian market and that of casual shoes demand. He observed that there is no casual shoes brand in the Indian shoe market and this unidentified and unattended demand can be taken care of.

Since then Woodland Shoes has been launching casual and tracking shoes which are very popular among the young people. Also Woodland has grown as a brand since then and now it has around where 250 stores all over India.


  1. mr avtar singh thank you very much for giving us genuine leather shoes. There is no other shoe co. which stands with woodland quality and

  2. i hav bought gc0714109a shoe . Its awesome :D

  3. I have been trying different types of shoes since my childhood. About 2 years back, I bought a Woodland shoe. Though the price was a bit high, it is still intact. I have been using it rather roughly, but still no complaints. I warmly appreciate the quality you keep. It is great work!!

  4. i brought a pair of woodland shoes with a whooping price tag of 3000 rs in the year 2010 but after 3 months their front corner of sole starts breaking off bit by bit & their corners of their stitching also shows signs of splitting ends i complaint about this with the store manager but he says this will not cover in the warranty all i say that woodland is manufacturing pieces of craps with high price tag now in my life time i will never purchase their shoes

  5. Hello sir,

    I have been customer of woodland since last 14 years , recently I purchased a woodland shoes from authorised showroom in ghaziabd (not in sale) but after few months stiching is opened from many sides in both the shoes with in 6 months when i go to the showrom , he suggest me to burn the threads with match stick & he told if i drop my shoes to them they will do the same process. I also tried in Mahagun & shipra maal showroom (allthough i have not purchased from there) they give me the near about same answer . Even when i went to Bhopal showroom & told my problem there they agreed with my things & they were ready to change the shoe but problem was , i have not purchased that from there (allthough i told them i have purchased it from their showroom)

    I am not the new customer of the woodland shoes , i have been using it since plast 14 years & they (ghaziabad) are treated me as a new customer , i know there is some problem in the shoes as it is also not comfertable , but they told me thats my foot problem not shoes. Very funny .......Such guyes spoil the image of the company...........


  6. Woodland shoes is the best and very sporty shoes it's durability with comfortable so i love vry much woodlan shoes.I am purchasing woodland shoes camel 4092 from online shopping site http://www.tradus.in/footwear/shoes/cSk?Brands=Woodland. thanks for the starting to this blog regarding woodland shoes.

  7. what about this aero group ,is woodland handeled by this group or woodland is independatly handled by BHARATIY THAT MR AVATAR SING ?PLEASE CLEAR THIS IS IT INDIAN OWNER COMPNY OR VIDESHI

  8. hello sir,
    i have been parches woodland shoes but the thing is that when i am asking about prince its vary high and different showroom tail different price for same shoes. so sir i want to say that plz defined the price.

  9. if you have enough money go for timberland shoes.they are far better than woodland. i use both of them. timberland gives me adventurous feeling.

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  11. Woodland is my favorite brand it is best for casual wear and you can use it any wear like office or any other place.

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  12. Very Costly affair to buy shoes of Woodland. Quality is not like what was in old days. T-Shirts & Shirts are of poor quality as far as I am concerned-loose colour very quickly.

  13. its awesome shoe brand . i wear a lot off brand but in all them woodland is best these shoes are good looking and very strong more then timberland.

  14. 1. wikipedia says Aero group was founded in Canada-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodland_Worldwide.
    2.Besides G-0092, two other models- 1 shoe (tan colored) & 1 boot (brown suede) were launched almost simultaneously.
    3.I liked woodland until it became very common. I had shoes, boots & jacket of woodland.
    4.Dear author, please write better sentence structure, spellings, correct words etc.

  15. I don't know if woodland is going to see this but I have following to say:-
    Very durable.
    Shoe designs are good.
    Good staff.

    Please do something about your soles. They are very slippery on water. Cant be worn on watery surfaces specially during trekking.
    Designs for clothes very average.
    No premium leather jackets.
    Description of products not available.

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  17. Hi, I am seriously looking for this brand but its not available. I am a big fan of this model G 0092.. It would b a big favour if any body can suggest where I can get it. Please mail me to sreekanthrayani@gmail.com, or call me on 07207200010

  18. Hi, I am seriously looking for this brand but its not available. I am a big fan of this model G 0092.. It would b a big favour if any body can suggest where I can get it. Please mail me to sreekanthrayani@gmail.com, or call me on 07207200010

  19. hi check out splendor shoes in mumbai who manufacture similar model to 92 regards

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